Top 9 art ideas for christmas gifts

The custom of gifting family and friends at Christmas is present in all over the world. One can say that virtually everyone presents someone this time of year, even if only with a simple reminder – after all, what counts is the intention. Art gifts are perfect for everyone!

However, choosing gifts is not an easy task and rightly, so we brought you some tips and ideas to inspire and make the choices a little less difficult and full of art of inventions.

What gift should I give to everyone this Christmas?

One of the things to think about when it comes to Christmas presents is what suits the person and the budget you have to spend. Women and men generally like different things, as well as children also prefer specific gifts for their more information on some Arts DIY gifts ideas at

Remember that each type of relationship you have can also mean a different gift. After all, that you will give to your mother can be very different from this is going to give his secret girlfriend season.

1 to 9 for women.

To give women you can bet on

  1. makeup
  2. clothing
  3. accessories
  4. books,
  5. perfumes
  6. books
  7. games
  8. jewelry
  9. a trip among many other “women’s things.”

If the woman in question is his mother, for example, you can perfect the present and give her a purse, a watch or even a jewelry.Click here to read more information on evolutionary functionality of make-up

1 to 9 for men!

When gifting men, you can choose items as a

  1. kit for favorite drinks
  2. his team shaving kit
  3. dress shirt, or a
  4. movie
  5. games
  6. ticket for a show
  7. electronics and so on.

If the man you want to gift for your dad, is it worth investing in a very neat gift, 8 like a suit or a 9  blu-ray player. For your boyfriend, fiancé or husband, this can be from a perfume to a tablet or smartphone. There are so many options!

With gifts for friends and colleagues and secret pal gifts you can be creative and please your friends without spending too much. Some suggestions for art gifts for friends include thermal mugs, chocolate, ipad tablet or netbook, notebook, pen drive and other things they find interesting for your friend.

Heads up! Many people find it cute to give pets as Christmas presents, however it is important to know if the person has gifted financial conditions, time, space and is able to care for a pet with care and keep it healthy and more information on Christmas gifts for men at

What to consider when choosing?

  • age;
  • gender;
  • profession;
  • Your relationship with the person;
  • Available budget;

Preferences of the recipient.

Especially when it comes to personal items such as clothes, shoes and accessories, it is important that you know the person well the taste, size and preference. When in doubt, opt for another type of gift or choose something more neutral, why not patent prints, read more information on patent prints at

Perfume gifts are harder to hit. Only choose this gift if you are sure that the person will like and ensure that she can exchange without having much work to do that.

And not run out of options and end up overdoing spending, prefer to plan purchases of Christmas gifts in advance. Thus you avoid unnecessary worry and expense that go beyond your budget. And do not forget to save your receipt of the product and make sure that it is possible to exchange if the person needs to exchange your gift.


Gifts for Man (more sugestions!)

Overall, sporting goods related to Brazilian soccer pleasing men, but it is important to know your preferences (sport, team, etc). Men who like games and technology, will certainly enjoy winning a game or an article of decoration geek, just that before buying make sure that he does not already have this product. Items such as clothing and beverages can please men of any age and style, since it’s something according to his taste and age.

Gifts for women (more suggestions!)

When gifting a woman, try to think about what she likes most: clothes, makeup, shoes, perfume? It is very easy to choose gifts for personal use, so if you go that route, try to buy something from a brand / model that you know she already uses and loves. Handbags are always a good option to treat for them. For the wife, fiancee or girlfriend, a jewel is sure to succeed. If the gifted likes to read, why not bestow her with a box of books or a copy in the style that she likes?

Unisex gifts

There are gifts that please both men and women. Some options are electronics, books, movies, home furnishings and drinks. This type of memory is ideal for “hidden” secret friends in whom you do not know who the gifted.

Gifts for children and teens

The main point to think about when buying this for a child her age is because tastes and types present vary greatly from one age to another is small when presented. Also consider if the toy is educational and is not something too loud or annoying. In general, children like to make toys, but you can also give clothes and other personal more info for buying gifts for children by clicking here

For teenagers, tablets and mobile phones are a great desire; however it is necessary to know whether or not the parents allow them to use these devices. Other options are books, clothing, DVDs and board games. See, it is very easy to give a gift with the art of inventions!

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