Top 7 DIY Art Gifts for Kids

This idea can be used as a variation of all the suggestions you have in mind. Kids love art gifts, especially if they were done with a lot of love and care. DIY gifts are quite nice, often cool to do and help you save tons of money. Kids are into the feeling of getting something unique, special and 100% dedicated to them so make sure you have that beside you to help.check out some patent art gifts by clicking here

Use a binder to change your favourite kid’s life!

Buy on stationery binders, the kind that has hardcover and rings to hold the leaves. The size is to your liking.

If the folders have a plastic pocket on the front where you can insert sheets, folders choose a beautiful color, so you do not need them papers. Suffice to create the cover and insert the appropriate place. If the binder does not count on that plastic that is ugly, line it with paper, “contact” or tissue.

1 Decorated binder for children.

Content will be selected according to the personality and interests of the child. In addition you can add pictures, cards, stickers from favourite characters and so on. This is the perfect option for kids who like to have collections. Watch a nice video on making binders at

2 – Selection of poems

Discover which authors or favourite styles are presented. This is perfect for the children who like to read. You can write the poems or even print them in colourful thematic papers.

3 – Book of Activities for Children

Includes coloring pages, activities, instructions for crafts, games etc. This is awesome for children to have a blast all year round.Read more information about Bookworms Gifts Ideas

Top 7 DIY Art Gifts for Kids

4 – Collection of jokes, cartoons and funny stories

Be careful in the selection, take into account the type of humor that appeals to person as well as age. You can make it rather funny, witty and colourful. That’s perfect for children who are at least 10 years old.

5 – Inspiring and Motivating Texts

Easily found on the Internet and even in your email box! This is an awesome option for teens that are having some issues with their own personalities. It’s awesome to show your support.

6 – Course and / or tips Craft

Kids also love most tips Craft as like as: Knitting, crocheting, basket weaving, plaster, binding … thousands of options, depending on the child’s taste.

7 – picture book.

picture book are a beautiful option for children of all ages, a true legacy of love in the shape of art gifts.

As you can see, this idea is well suited to all types of gifted.

After selecting content, it is time to assemble the book. You can print the information (choose a readable font, nice colors and tasteful decorations, related to the subject of the book) or you can do everything by hand, which makes the gift even more personal, but remember that this will require time. Be realistic. Another option is to use pages taken from magazines and clipped newspaper articles; in this case, I recommend gluing the pages tougher leaves, or use gate-transparent plastic sheets.

Having selected and prepared your content, make the necessary holes and mount your book. Create a beautiful cover and decorate it as you please: use drawings, pictures, photographs, collage, dried flowers, ribbons and what else your creativity to invent.

Besides being an inexpensive gift you will be original, it has another advantage: you can renew it at other times when you go gift the same person, offering more content for the same book, or a new volume of it. The real perfect art gifts for everyone!

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