Top 5 Simple and Gift Ideas for any special days

Consumerism and economic pressures increase exponentially in the weeks leading up to Christmas therefore making the task of giving especially hard and often unpleasant, especially if you are looking for art gifts.

Gifting should not be an obligation, much less disagreeable; these are (or should be) an expression of affection and care. A story of wise man tell us that why gifts are exchanged on Christmas read full story at Think about this when choosing whom to give and arm your list of Christmas present (you’re already getting ready for the Holidays, is not it?).

Do not let yourself be carried away by consumerism (yours or others). A good gift does not need to be expensive, nor have brand, or be the latest thing that television advertisements are pushing us. What counts, what really goes, is the love and care that was put to choose it.

Take a look at the next 5 ideas that are original for creative art gifts and do not offend the pocket. All of them can be adapted or used as inspiration; just get creative and think “outside the box”.

Of course, these gifts require more work than just buying something and have wrap. But a gift of this type also carries a lot more caring, value and meaning.

Top 5 Simple and Gift Ideas for any special days

Art Paper

With a little creativity, effort and dedication, you can make beautiful and personalized gifts using paper basically.

1 – What are Art Drawings

You can choose the most beautiful and interesting designs of their children and put in a nice frame for presenter close people such as grandparents or uncles owls.
If you have a knack for drawing, how about doing the same with an artistic work created especially for the person who will get the gift?

2 – Family Recipes

Great option for gifting daughters, sisters, nieces, friends who like to cook: a collection of their best recipes, or recipes from your family.
You can create the book on your computer and print; but if you have time, patience and a legible font, you can copy the recipes by hand into a beautiful book, hardcover.

Line the cover with fabric or a sturdy paper and have your hands on a super cool present, which no doubt will be fondly more information on printing books by clicking here

3 – Custom Book of Recipes

A variation of the previous suggestion: have presented their passion for one ingredient (chocolate, coffee, fish …) or some type of cuisine (French, Mexican, vegetarian, etc.)? Gather recipes that follow that theme (look in books, magazines, the web and their own revenue) and create a personalized book.

You can copy the recipes by hand or print them out and include illustrations. Caprice on the cover and voila!

4 – For Poets and Writers

Gift are for anyone who enjoys writing or keeping personal diaries. Buy a notebook hardcover, preferably without lines. Make a beautiful cover – can be paper, fabric or a collage. Write a neat and beautiful inscription on the first page. The perfect art gifts for all genders.

5 – Remembering Special Moments

If you have a long history with the gifted, make a selection of photos that contains this story and assemble a collage with them (advice- use copies of the photos, not the originals). You can include inscriptions and sayings to recall those moments.

Another option is to put together an album with this type of photos and make a collage for the cover. For example, an album that shows the growth of their kids that is sure to be welcomed by grandmas.This is going to be your patent art!

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