Top 5 Graduation Art Gift Ideas

Here are the 5 top gifts for students that count on the art of inventions!These are pretty cool and different ideas that are bound to please a graduated person anywhere and anytime. Make sure you consider the ideas below before choosing a gift for anyone you know who is graduating.

1. Protector Headset and GPS tracker

Essential for those times when the neighbor decided to listen to the latest hit pop / funk / tacky at full volume at 2:00 am and the report / article / project that is for the next day, still on page 2.

GPS Tracker

GPS TrackerTo put something in the advisor, of course. Knowing exactly where the supervisor is more when you need it is priceless. Or to avoid meet him, and leave later that berate everything is more information on GPS at

2 Voice Recorder

Voice RecorderAutomatic responses to routine questions in the life of a graduate student, like:what is your thesis, when you present…there are endless questions! You can also create a recorder that is personalized and it can be pretty useful for the student to record important classes. Click here to read a good post on Christmas gift ideas

3. Ant Farm

Ant FarmAnt farm gift is great for hours of procrastination, or when the cursor is blinking in Word sheet completely blank and does not have a clue how to start writing. Depending on the area of postgraduate, may even yield ideas about these. Well, if your graduating friend wants a pet give him an ant farm! You can make their farm look very nice on your own.

4 Books

Books about “do not go crazy in graduate school”, “how not to lose friends because of lack of time” or any other book that DOES NOT start with words that remember studying or analyzing anything. You can add colorful stickers and some notes about it. It is your art gifts, so do what you please!

5. Hours of sleep and party > vacation!

Free to take any delay sleep time. Those nights on balconies mounts seminars, writing reports, articles, monographies and so on are quite tiring. If they have too many hours of sleep to catch up then it might be a hard business. It is important to rest but it is also important to have a social busy life that is fun.

Invitation to party

Invitation to a nice party for the graduate student recall as are some things in life that he was forced to give up as social life, making friends, meeting different people, dancing, hanging out with friends. So if possible invite him to a party that won’t make it even harder for him.

Vacation for”real”

Upon entering graduate school, the holidays come to be seen as just a time where you can catch up on all that is late, without having to worry about teachers and courses. Well if you have the opportunity creates a real invitation for your friend to have a real vacation with you. You can create an art gift and give it to him along with the tickets to travel!

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