If you are looking to make your home unique, then you should think along the lines of sophistication and chic. You want something that stands out, and gives a statement to everyone who sees it. One of the most popular ways to do that to your home is to use a patent art designs or French interior designs.You can find some amazing patent art designs at .It is not difficult to add French interior design to your current home, and the cost will probably add value if you ever decided to sell. Your home is your castle, and you should make it look and feel exactly how you want it, and French style says elegance in capital more information on interior design salary by clicking here

You can find plenty of French antiques in numerous stores, but some can be hard to find, so the best way to get hold of smaller items is via online auction sites. Not just the big name sites, but also look for ones that cater for French and Parisian sales. As the internet has opened up the world markets, you can use auctions in Europe, and have whatever you buy shipped to you. Some things you should look for are wall hangings, as well as decorative more information on interior designer salary by clicking here


Adding these smaller items may give a good feeling of France, but to get the full French interior design feel, then you need to redecorate the whole house. If you have a look online at photographs of the interior of French chateaus, then this will give you a clear idea of what it should look like. You can find wallpaper similar to what you will see in the pictures, but it will cost more than the average roll. Having similar flooring to an old chateau is pretty straight forward, as there is plenty of wooden flooring effects around this days, and many different carpet designs.

To be more specific with what you should be looking for, things such as Venetian glass for mirrors and picture frames is a must. If you are going for a more French country look and feel, then you will need crystal chandeliers, silver candle stands, and many paintings on the walls. One thing often found in country houses is a rooster, you will find them on everything from cushions to table mats.

Some people like to go for the Parisian look, and this is culturally, and historically different than traditional French interior design. Paris has a number of design periods, such as neoclassical, baroque and rococo. They also use a lot of art deco, much of which you can also find in Miami, more information on how to decorate like Persians by visiting

French furniture is unique in the world, and whether you manage to get hold of something original, or a replica, it will be loved by all who see it. The furniture contains a lot of wooden designs, and things like the main living room seats will have ornate carved legs and arms. Wrought iron is also used a lot for things like clocks, lamps and tables. If you really want to go one step above everyone else, then get yourself a four poster bed.

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