The 6 Most Influential Paintings of All Time

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In the art scene, there has been a multitude of inspiring pieces that have moved art appreciators but there isa handful that is arguably THE MOST influential and important to the art world. Many types of art have influenced these paintings and in turn, are also inspired greatly by these paintings. Dance and music have been inspired by these paintings, interior design mimics or is inspired by these pieces. The circle of influence is never ending and the following paintings play a lead role in it all.

  1. The Persistence Of Memory

Thisfascinating painting by the one and only Salvador Dali was made in 1931. Inspired by a particularly runny piece of Camembert cheese on a hot summer day, the eccentric painter envisioned the melting clocks and how the timecould befunctional in a symbolic manner. It is also assumed that the painting hints at Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Time is relative just as these melty clocks slip from one surface to another.

  1. Mona Lisa

With her mysterious smile and demeanor, Leonardo DiVinci’s Mona Lisa has smitten artists and art appreciators since her creation in the early 1500s. What made her so important is probably the amount of technique and the unique perspective that was extremely revolutionary at that time.

              3.The Scream

This 1893 work of art by Edvard Munch oozes expression and emotion in an incredible way that many have tried to imitate and capture ever since. The colors and shapes used by Munch make the painting emote in a way that has captured the imagination of many throughout time.

  1. Marilyn Diptych

The iconic silkscreen prints by Andy Warhol in 1962have saturated pop culture over the past few decades, and it is not difficult to see why. The simplicity of the design mixed with bold colors and lines reallymade them quite a fantastic and memorable art form.More here.

  1. Water Lilies

The exceptionally gorgeous ‘Water Lilies’ painting was part of a huge series of hundreds of similar paintings by the French Impressionist artist, Claude Monet. The emphasis on light, colors and movement made these paintings extremely popular and undeniably esteemed in the art world. Monet had a gift for portraying a feeling, an energy, a sense of atmosphere. Despite being confined to a flat canvas, his paintings are a multidimensional experience.

  1. Sunflowers

Vincent Van Gogh painted his infamous ‘Sunflowers’ in 1888, unsuspecting that over a hundred years later they would be used as an image on greeting cards and kitchen décor. The appeal of the seemingly simple painting lies in the great shapes that Van Gogh depicts and the thick and very visible brush strokes that give it an artsy vibe. How can a painting look real and surreal at the same time? Who knows, but Van Gogh definitely nailed it.

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