The 6 Most Influential Paintings of All Time

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In the art scene, there has been a multitude of inspiring pieces that have moved art appreciators but there isa handful that is arguably THE MOST influential and important to the art world. Many types of art have influenced these paintings and in turn, are also inspired greatly by these paintings. Dance and music have been inspired by these paintings, interior design mimics or is inspired by these pieces. The circle of influence is never ending and the following paintings play a lead role in it all.

  1. The Persistence Of Memory

Thisfascinating painting by the one and only Salvador Dali was made in 1931. Inspired by a particularly runny piece of Camembert cheese on a hot summer day, the eccentric painter envisioned the melting clocks and how the timecould befunctional in a symbolic manner. It is also assumed that the painting hints at Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Time is relative just as these melty clocks slip from one surface to another.

  1. Mona Lisa

With her mysterious smile and demeanor, Leonardo DiVinci’s Mona Lisa has smitten artists and art appreciators since her creation in the early 1500s. What made her so important is probably the amount of technique and the unique perspective that was extremely revolutionary at that time.

              3.The Scream

This 1893 work of art by Edvard Munch oozes expression and emotion in an incredible way that many have tried to imitate and capture ever since. The colors and shapes used by Munch make the painting emote in a way that has captured the imagination of many throughout time.

  1. Marilyn Diptych

The iconic silkscreen prints by Andy Warhol in 1962have saturated pop culture over the past few decades, and it is not difficult to see why. The simplicity of the design mixed with bold colors and lines reallymade them quite a fantastic and memorable art form.More here.

  1. Water Lilies

The exceptionally gorgeous ‘Water Lilies’ painting was part of a huge series of hundreds of similar paintings by the French Impressionist artist, Claude Monet. The emphasis on light, colors and movement made these paintings extremely popular and undeniably esteemed in the art world. Monet had a gift for portraying a feeling, an energy, a sense of atmosphere. Despite being confined to a flat canvas, his paintings are a multidimensional experience.

  1. Sunflowers

Vincent Van Gogh painted his infamous ‘Sunflowers’ in 1888, unsuspecting that over a hundred years later they would be used as an image on greeting cards and kitchen décor. The appeal of the seemingly simple painting lies in the great shapes that Van Gogh depicts and the thick and very visible brush strokes that give it an artsy vibe. How can a painting look real and surreal at the same time? Who knows, but Van Gogh definitely nailed it.

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Be prepared! Creating an emergency plan in case of a flood

Every year, several cities all over the world suffer from dramatic scenes of flooding – cars floating, flooded, landslides, deaths, water damage in homes. For those who live in areas of risk, the forecast is warning, however there is always a solution, the water damage company in Los Angeles. According to specialists, such as the water damage company in Los Angeles there are a few tips you can practice in case you are amongst a crazy flood.
The measures you should take according to water damage company in Los Angeles. Continue reading “Be prepared! Creating an emergency plan in case of a flood” »

Top 9 art ideas for christmas gifts

The custom of gifting family and friends at Christmas is present in all over the world. One can say that virtually everyone presents someone this time of year, even if only with a simple reminder – after all, what counts is the intention. Art gifts are perfect for everyone!

However, choosing gifts is not an easy task and rightly, so we brought you some tips and ideas to inspire and make the choices a little less difficult and full of art of inventions. Continue reading “Top 9 art ideas for christmas gifts” »

Top 5 Graduation Art Gift Ideas

Here are the 5 top gifts for students that count on the art of inventions!These are pretty cool and different ideas that are bound to please a graduated person anywhere and anytime. Make sure you consider the ideas below before choosing a gift for anyone you know who is graduating. Continue reading “Top 5 Graduation Art Gift Ideas” »

Top 7 DIY Art Gifts for Kids

This idea can be used as a variation of all the suggestions you have in mind. Kids love art gifts, especially if they were done with a lot of love and care. DIY gifts are quite nice, often cool to do and help you save tons of money. Kids are into the feeling of getting something unique, special and 100% dedicated to them so make sure you have that beside you to help.check out some patent art gifts by clicking here Continue reading “Top 7 DIY Art Gifts for Kids” »

Top 5 Simple and Gift Ideas for any special days

Consumerism and economic pressures increase exponentially in the weeks leading up to Christmas therefore making the task of giving especially hard and often unpleasant, especially if you are looking for art gifts.

Gifting should not be an obligation, much less disagreeable; these are (or should be) an expression of affection and care. A story of wise man tell us that why gifts are exchanged on Christmas read full story at Think about this when choosing whom to give and arm your list of Christmas present (you’re already getting ready for the Holidays, is not it?). Continue reading “Top 5 Simple and Gift Ideas for any special days” »

Why The Interior Designer Salary Will Stay Steady

Interior designer salary forecasts are essentially positive regardless of the consequences of the financial recession, but this profession is still not the most compensated career on the planet. Considering that modern designers need to undergo a comprehensive training course including four or five years in college, the salaries for beginning designers are less than you might realize. However, interior design is still a viable career, with stability and opportunity, and still offers advancement inside a company or as a solo practitioner.

To know why salaries have remained relatively high for the interior design career, you need to realize the problem companies have finding individuals with the best qualifications. You will find that there are likely to be 1000’s of potential candidates for design jobs which don’t have formal qualifications or abilities to do the job. These amateur designers may have strong potential for good quality work, however the on-the-job learning period they would need to undergo suggests that any employer will be reluctant to underwrite the understudies. Normally qualified graduates can jump right in and get the job done immediately with little orientation, so companies are ready to spend the extra money to hire them.

This sort of demand isn’t enough to lift the interior designer salary to meet that of other careers for example physicians and attorneys, however it does continue to generate notable interest in the vocation. And the fact that interior design continues to be a popular career choice tends to unfortunately counter balance upward pressure on salary. Still there are design graduates who for whatever reason come to the conclusion that a design career isn’t their cup of tea in the end. Some become frustrated when they do not secure employment right out of school, while some simply find different activities to be of more interest and move on. Click here to find some of the best patent art designs made by renowned interior designers.

Why The Interior Designer Salary Will Stay Steady

Probably the most gifted and ingenious designers decide to escape the confines of the routine interior designer salary by beginning their very own business. While there is quite a bit of design work on the market in nearly every major city, going this route almost always involves more risk. Buyers of interior design services often request to see examples of previous work, and consult previous buyer recommendations. They are extremely gifted designers who can succeed as self-employed business owners without having made names for themselves first, usually as part of a design firm. An employment background can give them the opportunity to prove their worth in attracting and retaining clients. Read more information on tips to become a successful interior designer at

The work life of a design freelancer continues to be transformed, as software applications now perform many design tasks much more effectively in a very short amount of time. While the final judgment of the worth of a design is up to the professional, individual facets of the work can be modified at will allowing for rapid evaluations. The speed and ease at which designs can be manipulated and normal market competition means that design costs have come down, from which follows falling prices in the marketplace overall.

The direction of the amount of the typical interior designer salary can’t be predicted reliably, especially when it’s nearly impossible to envision the health of the worldwide economy in general. It’s unlikely, though, that it will experience any dramatic swings. As the housing industry can be beaten down in a depression, yet remains resilient because it fulfills a fundamental human need, the majority of interest in interior design originates in the economically stronger and wealthier segments of the market. The current mix of demand and supply will probably mean a comparatively steady interior designer salary.

Pole Dancing Course Review

The exam submitted to acquiring an item that’s efficient at delivering immediate and reliable final results would enable you to get to Pole Dancing Course Review. While coupled with style regarding style and design as well as cost-effectiveness, Pole Dancing Course will definitely are the initial among your present more information on pole Dancing by visiting Continue reading “Pole Dancing Course Review” »


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